Rowing Western Australia Regattas

2017 SunSmart EQ Night Sprints Regatta

Date: Sat 18th November, 2017
Venue: Elizabeth Quay
Regatta Events
#CodeTitleEntriesTypeGenderBoat TypeSeatsDistance 
5C8+Combined Corporate and Masters Coxed Eight4ClubMixedSweep8200M
1M8+Mens Open and Old Boys Coxed Eight6ClubMixedSweep8200M
6MM8+Masters Mens Coxed Eight-MastersMixedSweep8200M
7MW8+Masters Womens Coxed Eight-MastersFemaleSweep8200M
8OSM8+Old Scholars Mens Coxed Eight-ClubMixedSweep8200M
9OSW8+Old Scholars Womens Coxed Eight-ClubFemaleSweep8200M
4SB8Schoolboys Coxed Eight4SchoolMaleSweep8200M
3SG8+Schoolgirls Coxed Eight4SchoolFemaleSweep8200M
2W8+Womens Open And Masters Coxed Eight6ClubFemaleSweep8200M